Meet Sharona, my humble abode on wheels

Cue The Ramones.


Buying a van and cruising around North America is a dream that’s been imprinted in my brain since 2015, the year I graduated college. Instead, I walked across the stage to receive my diploma and walked straight into a 9-6 office job where I spent all of my free time watching videos on van repairs and mapping out where I’d go first if I ever got the chance to live the life I wanted to.


Fast forward 4 years (give or take a few months and far more than a few tears) and I’m living the life I want to, with a massive amount of mechanical help from my dad and brother-in-law and moral support from my mom, sister and dearest family and pals. It’s beautiful, it’s grimy, it’s sometimes lonely, but wow it’s cold chill inducing to get to do something you’ve dreamed about doing for years.

What a surreal and beautifully short life this is.