Mueller State Park and Gin Tours in Denver

I spent a week in Colorado, starting in Mueller State Park, a beautiful park sitting at 9,600 ft in Colorado Springs. I parked on top of a mountain in a camp area and saw the most saturated rainbow I’ve ever seen. Breath taking, really, but probably had more to do with the elevation change than the scenery.

I also made a gal pal who hiked up a mountain with me that neither of us thought would be that difficult. We were mistaken, but made the most of it and a new friend in the midst of the breaks taken to gasp for breath.


Once my campsite reservation expired I made my way towards Denver, parking on the side of the street and spending the day looking at art, drinking gin and learning history tidbits from my brother-in-law’s family who, again, fed me, offered up their washer and dryer and made me feel at home in a city very far away from any place I’ve ever come close to calling “home.”


After spending a few days in Denver, I realized cities are difficult for me to navigate right now. I spent 4 years in New York and while I love, deeply miss and will always call Brooklyn a home of mine, I still need time to thaw from the hustle and bustle and busses.

Love and light and luxury of washing machines,

Shauna Lane