Marfa, Texas -- Photo Diary

I cruised into Marfa at sunset, thinking there would be more large-scale parking lot options that I could stealthily get away with sleeping in. Instead, what I found were closed gas stations and restaurants even though it was only 7 pm, and endless miles of ranch country on both sides of the city. I later learned the term for this: Marfa Time.

Marfa is an interestingly artistic bubble in Western Texas with a population of 1,772 people. 5 of those people who accepted me as a family member, fed me beers, coffees, offered up their shower and made me feel loved and welcome in a way I’ve never experienced in such a short amount of time.

This photo diary is a love letter to my Marfa family who opened my eyes and held me close, teaching me more and more that this world is filled with beauty and grace and grime and that we can be grateful for all of it.

IMG_7108 (1).jpg
IMG_3259 (1).jpg
IMG-3374 (1).JPG
IMG_7143 (2).jpg

Love and light,

Shauna Lane